LeoNTP Firmware Downloads

Latest firmware is 1.19 released 22/08/2018

NOTE: For stability & performance reasons NTPQ responses have been disabled for 1.19. If you require NTPQ responses please use legacy version 1.12. If your enviroment is high load please use 1.19.

LeoNTP 1.19 with Windows Installer No NTPQ Support

LeoNTP 1.12 with Windows Installer

LeoNTP 1.12 with MAC Installer

Python Stats Program

Change Log

v1.19 Stability build v1.13 had high load stability issues.NTPQ Responses disabled.
v1.12 hourly pips option
v1.11 leap second visual display improvement, time jitter improved to ~100ns
v1.10 add traffic load meter
v1.09 improve precision of the last second of the last day of UTC week
v1.08 improve reference timestamp
v1.07 fix 10MHz output reverting to 1PPS mode after power down
v1.06 introduce 24 hour holdover after loss of GPS signal
v1.05 increase performance under heavy traffic conditions
v1.04 improve DHCP handling, preserve user settings after firmware upgrade
v1.03 improve statistics report timestamping
v1.02 improve system stability
v1.01 fix issue with high load operation
v1.00 initial release